Day of Seafarers

Today is Seafarers day. This year is a special year to appreciate seafarers for their service during this pandemic. Although there are restrictions they risk their lives for work. So today International Maritime Organization has started a campaign” fair future for seafarers “to encourage governments all around the world to support seafarers. Because they deserve to be treated as key workers.

Importance of seafarers

Seafarers are the most important element of world trade because they help the ship to navigate safely and help to deliver cargo safely.

Without seafarers, world trade will not move forward because 90% of the world’s provisions are transported through ships.

Their healthy decision-making will impact the safety of the ship, coworker’s safety, and cargo safety.

The crisis that seafarers face in pandemic

During this pandemic, most governments have restricted crew changes.

So thousands of seafarers are stuck in the sea sacrificing their time with their loved ones.

We could see that the restriction of crew changes has impacted the wellbeing of seafarers.

All at once, we could see certain progress of maritime accidents during the pandemic.

As a result, we experienced how it impacts world trade.

Due to the lack of security among the countries piracy has raised again.

135 members of the crew were kidnapped from the ship in 2020.

The most important thing for seafarers is health.

But due to COVID-19, there is a crisis in loading sufficient provisions onboard for the crew.

Day of seafarers

Today on seafarers’ day, seafarers together with IMO raised their voices for a fair future. They deserve to be treated as key workers in the pandemic. IMO also encourage the governments to give priority to the vaccination of seafarers. As a world together we should appreciate seafarers for their service and also we should encourage our governments to give their priority to issues of seafarers so they can go home safely.

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