Captain says that “Port Authorities let the fire spread onboard”

On the 14th of June, the Russian Captain of the MV X-Press Pearl was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) as the suspect of not preventing the fire onboard.

But in the Colombo high court hearing, the Russian captain Tyutkalo Vitaly accused the port officials of letting the fire spread onboard.

New situation of X-Press Pearl

It has been more than 2 weeks after the vessel got sunk in the sea but the vessel still remains in the same position.

The Sri Lankan and Indian authorities are observing the vessel to take precautions if there is any oil spillage.

By the way, the pollution become worse regularly, we could see the increase of dead bodies of sea creatures which have washed up to the shore.  

The Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) is still examining the pollution caused to Sri Lanka

They also reported that they are hoping for guidance from United Nations special agents throughout the compensation procedures.

However, the captain claims that he has informed the harbormaster about the fire in regular intervals.

Presidential Counsel Sarath Jayamanne who speaks on behalf of the X-Press Pearl says that the port authorities have acted the situation to have compensation for the damage caused.

He also says that CID still has not investigated the recording of the conversation between the Harbormaster and the captain on that day and also it is the only way to reveal the truth behind the spread of the fire.

He further says that CID had enough time to inspect the recording but they had not and he also says that his party is not satisfied with the investigation.

However, Sri Lankan Port Authority accused the captain of not informing them about acid leakage before entering the port waters.

They also accused the captain of informing the fire onboard, 12 hours after anchored.

After the hearing on the same day, the captain was released on a personal bail of Rs.2 million.

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